Featured Video: My Leg

In Kayah State, Myanmar, for over 60 years, different ethnic armed groups have been fighting the Burmese Army in a war for freedom and independence. A group of war veterans has opened an artificial leg workshop constructing a hundred legs per year for fellow veterans with the same stroke of fate – leaving ethnic differences behind.

Director: Khon Soe Moe Aung | Cinematographer: Naw Eh Shee Paw | Sound Recordist: Bawk
Seng | Editor: Zin Mar Oo

For over sixty years, my home of Kayah State in Myanmar has been engaged in civil war. This conflict has led to many kinds of human rights abuses; the people of Kayah have lost the right to freedom of movement, freedom of speech, freedom of work and freedom to practice their beliefs, to name a few. Prolonged civil war has meant that a whole generation has been isolated; this is a generation that does not have access to decent educational opportunities, healthcare, or ways of making a decent living amongst many other things. Everyone involved in the conflict is sick of war: both the soldiers of various ethnic armed groups but also the Burmese Army. Everyone in Kayah yearns for peace and for the well-being of our society and future generations.

11/2015 Exground International Short Film Festival Wiesbaden, Germany
03/2016 Kyoto University, Visual Documentary Project, Japan
05/2016 Taiwan International Documentary Film Festival, Taiwan
09/2016 Myanmar Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, USA
09/2016 Wathann Film Fest#6, Yangon, Myanmar
09/2016 DMZ DOC Film Festival, Goyang City, Paju City, Gyeonggi Provence, Korea
10/2016 Alpavirama Film Festival, Ahmedabad, India
04/2017 10th Vasakh Documentary Film Festival, Pakistan
05/2018 German International Festival of Ethnographic Film, Koblenz, Germany

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Such a wonderful video. Empowering, tragic and heartwarming at the same time as it gives a human face to suffering and resilience in times of armed conflict.

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