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Share something about who you are, where you are from and what you do. :cowboy_hat_face:

Hello, I am Egbert, living in Indonesia.
I work at EngageMedia and interested in video for change, but also in other creative processes that aim to contribute to positive social change.
Always happy to chat and I’m a moderator on this forum as well.

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Kamusta? My name is King, a video for change practitioner from the Philippines. I’m also the Video Lead of EngageMedia. Really excited to interact and learn from all of you. I’m one of the mods of this forum, too.

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Chumsour (Greetings) from Phnom Penh, Cambodia! I represent Sunflower Film Organization and am happy to join this Forum. Hope for more input later!


Nice to see you here Sithen! Welcome to the forum.

Hi folks! I’m Anna I live in Melbourne, I make documentary, narrative, hybrid doco/fiction films. Here’s my website:

I’m also a co-founder of EngageMedia and I currently help the organisation with tech infrastructure and the video-sharing site. I teach and develop curriculum at the VCA film school (University of Melbourne).

I’m really looking forward to chatting to other makers :slight_smile:

Would love to hear in particular from other hybrid makers, and anyone involved in media/tech collectives in the region!


Nice to meet you Sithen! I would love to hear more about the trainings that Sunflower Film Organization does around Cambodia. What is the main focus of your trainings at the moment?

It’s interesting to think about what are the most relevant skills that people need these days.

I am Nadiya Shafi from Indian occupied Kashmir. I am Professional social worker, Peace builder, feminist and one of the most promising young leader in the Kashmir movement. I am working with Video volunteers organization as a community correspondent, video editor and I am also coordinating Gender Project we call it “Khel Badel”. It was very much challengeable to do work in Kashmir which is conservative society, the gender related mindset is so deeply rooted that people don’t question the traditional thread of society, which is predominantly patriarchal. The Kashmir society can be extremely oppressive of young women like me, who are discouraged from considering a career. But I wanted more, so I started my work with video volunteers organization in 2014 and I have produced more than hundreds documentaries unheard videos.


Awesome to have you here Nadiya!

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Hello everyone, I’m Prakkash from WITNESS.At the moment I mainly work in SEA/SA.


Welcome Prakkash! :smiley:

Hi all, I’m Shaun from Reel News in London, UK - we’re a videoactivist collective supporting working class struggles and social movements struggles with film. This is a great initiative, look forward to taking part! Very interested in how we can all share our films and footage globally to inspire new struggles and support current ones. Here’s our website:


Hello Nadiya, great to see you here! And, yes, +1 on all the great work Kashmir Unheard and Video Volunteers are doing there.

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Hello Shaun. Welcome to the forum. Reelnews website is full on Shaun. Great to see you’re supported movements there in the UK using video. Has it been hard to keep up the reporting with all the lock-downs and the health risks?

Welcome Shaun! Wow, I’m happy that Reel News is here. Thanks for joining.

Honoured to be here. Thank you for your appreciation :blush:


Hi all,

I’m Steve, I’m the convener of the Radical Film Network, which I helped set up in 2013. I’m not a filmmaker, but am interested to be a part of this initiative - and you’re all very welcome to join the RFN, too, if you’d like (just join the mailing list and let me know if you have an organisation to be listed in the Directory :slight_smile: .

All best wishes and solidarity from Bristol, UK.



Hi Steve! Thanks for joining. :smiley:

Hi Anna! Our training focuses on short documentaries, dedicated to special groups from year to year. For instance, next year our targets will be indigenous and LGBT. However, our internal training aims at short films, for young members aged between 15 and 40.

Glad to learn you help EngageMedia with the tech infrastructure and video sharing. At SFO, we have not touched that part yet! But we may be looking into it some day, if opportunities arise.


Hi everyone - Sam here from WITNESS (originally from Europe, now live in the US). I’ve been at 20 years working on different aspects of our work supporting people to use video and tech for human rights. That’s included developing training resources (I lead-edited a book way back in 2005 called 'Video for Change :wink: and training institutes, working specifically with human rights groups in Asia and Latin America, and most recently leading our work around advocacy to tech companies around key issues impacting use of video for human rights. I helped found the V4C network back in 2012. I currently focus on ‘emerging threats and opportunities’ at the intersection of video, AI and mis/disinfo - with a particular focus on both challenges like deepfakes and how we prepare better from a global perspective ( as well as how to utilize new forms of video like live streaming and co-presence technologies. Looking forward to meeting folks!