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Need help with app and phones for mobile filmmaking.

A video for change practitioner who will be helping indigenous communities in the African continent need our advice. I’ve written an article about this last July. Mobile filming tech/apps develop fast so if you guys have other recommendations, please suggest.

As for phones, of course an iPhone is a great choice. Aside from the shooting capabilities, most additional hardware like mics are sure to work with this. Brands like Rode, Senheiser, Saramonic or even Boya have surely tested it with an iPhone based on reviews in Youtube or other online forums. Good video shooting and editing apps are present in ios.

But of course, it’s pricey. Hehe, I don’t own one actually.

For Android phones, I’m inclined to recommend a Samsung S or Note series. Most mics and good apps were ensured by its makers to work with these phones properly. One Plus or Google phones maybe great too. I know Huawei shoots good video but given complications with Playstore access, it maybe difficult to get good video apps.

Xiaomi are good all-around phones but I’ve always experienced problems with external mics.

What are you guys using for mobile filmmaking?

+1 on the Huawei playstore issues, that’s a real pain in the neck. Which is sad actually, because their hardware is actually quite nice…

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Yeah, too bad. Now… there’s no reason for me to even think of getting one.

I actually bought this Huawei Mediapad recently
Really like it, use it for reading (it has a special reading, easy on the eyes, mode, which works great) and watching videos and my kids for their Zoom classes.
There’s few games for it, because of the Playstore issues, so that’s actually a plus for me :slight_smile:
Again price-wise it’s very good quality hardware, but if you need lots of apps -> Don’t get it.

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e-book mode looks great. :slight_smile:

I’ve done a couple of courses for trade unionists her in the UK, showing them how to make a 2 min film using their phones - we used iphone and premiere rush, although editing on the phone is a bit fiddly - works really well on a tablet or a laptop though. They all managed to make films after 5 hours of tuition …


Thanks for sharing Shaun. Rush integrates well into an Adobe Premiere project right?