V4C Learning Session

Closing The Gap

The July 2021 V4C learning session features Refugee Law Project (RLP’s) work experience with a focus on knowledge production through the use of media for advocacy purposes. This session tackles the unconventional areas of NGO interventions in refugee work through the use of video to amplify voice, contribute to medical rehabilitation and create support groups to deal with mental health challenges besides others issues. This virtual interactive session will also highlight methodologies RLP employs to achieve its objective while sharing best practices to achieve lasting impact as a social change strategy.

To date, Uganda hosts 1,494,505 registered refugees and asylum seekers. As an institution that works with these forced migrants, Refugee Law Project (RLP) is constantly faced with several challenges alongside conflict-related sexual violence. Unfortunately, this global discourse has a way of having a ripple effects on the wellbeing of these persons of concern.
About a month ago, in the WITNESS Africa Webinar Series | Using Video for Change in Uganda RLP had an opportunity to share how they have innovatively used the power of media tools to positively impact on these communities.
“Closing The Gap” will be an elaborate process of RLP’s work as we will walk with you through a process of gathering data / information for purposes of directly benefitting the clients who have to walk through a ‘victim-survivor-activist’ journey. We will experience how video is very central to this great session.

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Thanks @M4SC for this additional info. Really looking forward to Thursday’s session. Reading this and you would like to join? Just drop me an email egbert@video4change.org and I’ll send you the Jitsi link.

Thanks for organizing this – I’m looking forward to attending tomorrow and hearing about RLP’s process. Unfortunately I will have to duck out partway for another meeting, but hope to catch as much as I can!