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Do you have resources to share? Or a learning experience you had? This is the place to kick-start discussions on knowledge about video for change.


Resources from

Just noting that in case you guys need references about filming, distribution, editing, mobile video, etc. please check the link above. The articles were derived from publications and resource materials by Video4Change Network members like Witness, InsightShare, Video Volunteers and others.

Here’s some of the resources from WITNESS - We also have similar resources pages in Spanish, Arabic, French and Portuguese via,, and as well as very active regional Facebook/Twitter/Instagram that often share shorter form, more timely resources!

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For folks who want to know about radical film practices across production, distribution and exhibition at a global level, check out this book -

I found it really inspiring, knowing that filmmakers from various parts of the globe work with and in various ways become part of social movements.

@StevePresence edited this book.

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