Video for Change projects this 2021

Happy New Year to all of you!

Given how difficult the past year was, a certain level of optimism wouldn’t be so bad to welcome 2021. We’ve faced many challenges in 2020 and most likely, we’ve learned lessons that will help us along the way. :smiley:

In line with this positivity, it would be awesome if we share some of our Video for Change projects for this year. Film festivals, books, conferences, workshops or even film projects planned for 2021 are most welcomed to be shared in this topic.

Let me share a quick one… As the Video Lead of EngageMedia and the Creative Producer of the project, I’m looking forward to Tech Tales. I’m also excited about, an open-tech video platform initiated by EngageMedia (more on this soon).

Hi King,

Happy new year all. Yes that’s a good idea, King. I’m looking forward to the Radical Film Network Unconference in Genoa in July. Deadline for proposals is this Friday though so I better get cracking… Would be great to see you guys there if you can make it. Keep an eye on RFN mailing list for updates from the organisers.

All best wishes,



Warm greetings to you Steve!

Thanks for sharing RFN’s Unconference in July. What a way to commemorate the G8 protests 20 years ago, lots of reflections regarding the role of film and online video in social movements will happen for sure.

For others who may not be able to physically attend the conference, will there be ways to participate online?

Quick note that in a recent message from the Radical Film Network mailing list, the deadline for proposals to the Unconference in Genoa in July has been extended to January 31, 2021.

Hello Everyone,

A healthy and inspired 2021 to all of us. At EngageMedia we are looking forward to hosting our first ever Environmental Impact Lab for which we have just selected six video projects tackling environmental issues in the Asia-Pacific.

The lab will be a place for participants to share, meet and learn in an effort to advance the social impact strategies and implementation of their projects. We also have three seasoned mentors who will assist the participants with specific issues.

Really looking forward to this journey. We will of course be updating about it here in Discourse. We plan to host a second Lab half way this year, for which we will be accepting applicants medio March, but first we’re fully focusing on the 1st Lab.

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